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Cancellation Policy

The way we look at it is simple. We treat our customers the way we would like to be treated. Unforeseen circumstances can arise and, whilst we are in business to make money, we don't believe in punishing the customer!

Therefore, if you change your mind for whatever reason before the EPC or other service has taken place then please contact us at complaints@epcmasters.co.uk or telephone 07772 932271 and we will cancel the appointment and refund any advanced payment.

However, once an EPC or other service has been carried out, we cannot offer a refund unless there has been a clear failure on our part to deliver the service you ordered. In such circumstances we will try to amend any errors and reach an amicable solution with you. If this should fail (and we very much doubt that it will) then we will refer you to our governing body who provide an independant arbitration service to mediate between us.

If you cancel (and do not re-book) an appointment on the day it is due to take place, this may cost us money as we have to pay the Assessor if he is already on route to you. Therefore, we reserve the right to make a deduction for mileage if our Assessor is already on their way to you (we will not make this charge if the Assessor has other jobs in the same area). 

You will be informed of this charge, if we intend to make one, at the time you cancel.

We think that this is a reasonable policy and hope you agree.